Okuda San Miguel - 'AsiAfricalism'
Anna Taratiel - 'Magnetism' 

(1 April - 1 May 2016)

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Okuda San Miguel (b. 1980, Spain)

Sometimes looking far away helps us to better understand our enviroment. This is the case in “AsiAfricalism”, an exhibition where Okuda San Miguel proposes a chance encounter with the exoticism of individuals that the artist has met during his journeys, combined with the characteristic style of the Spanish creator.
Surrealism, geometry and a play of formats bring this son of colour to extract what we have in common and we find in every individual,regardless of our ethnicity or origin, namely; “different origins, but the same skin...”
A creative approach that seeks the essence underlying in every individual: their intimacy.

Anna Taratiel (b. 1982, Spain)

With her new series ‘Magnetism’ Anna Taratiel works in her recognizable style of colourful mental landscapes; using paper, tape and canvas to form abstract and layered collages. The colour palette she uses in these new works is very bright and energetic with bold contrasting colours.  Even more than her previous works the new canvasses are not solely focused on one central object, rather the composition as a whole opens up and all works form a sequence together, correlating with one another.