'Van Gogh Ate My Dog'
a duo show by Jaybo Monk and Dave Kinsey

 on view until 20 September 2017


contact us if you wish to receive a catalogue of the works

Dave Kinsey - 'Art & Madness' (2017)

Jaybo Monk - 'Vincent' (2017)

After a recent sold-out solo show in LA, Jaybo Monk is returning to Amsterdam for his third exhibition here. This time in a unique duo show with renowned American artist Dave Kinsey.

For their exhibition in The Netherlands they decided to take inspiration from the life and work of Vincent van Gogh.

One example of the Dutch Master’s infamous trials and tribulations and his posthumous fame is Jaybo Monk’s sculpture ‘Pile of Insanity’;

consisting of 40 ceramic ears. Each of the ears is labeled with the name of artists that became famous after Van Gogh’s death.

Dave Kinsey’s paintings and works on paper in the show reference Van Gogh’s distinctive subject matter, but all encompass the true and unmistakable surrealist landscapes the LA artist has become famous for.

Dave Kinsey - 'Studies I, II, III' (2017)

Jaybo Monk - 'Pile of Insantity' (2017)