Diddo (7-7-’77) is an artist, designer and inventor whose work spans the spectrum from
engaging conceptual art to intriguing product design.

After a distinguished career in marketing-centered design, Diddo redirected his focus
to conceptual art. His work in marketing gives him an intimate knowledge of the tools
and techniques corporations employ to feed their self-serving ideas.
The experience has left him exceptionally armed to create challenging concepts and
place them in our heads.

Diddo’s goal however, is not to feed us ideas; instead he focuses on manipulating and
re-contextualizing the ideas already there. His works don’t feed us a political agenda,
or a carefully curated viewpoint, but rather reawaken the essential debates we tend to neglect.

Diddo finds inspiration in examining the space between what we think and what we allow others
to think for us. His work is an attempt to define the border between perception and reality,
and the process, which turns image into icon.

In ‘Designer Gasmasks’ for example, Diddo orchestrates the shotgun marriage between
the Military Industrial Complex, and the farcical self-centrism of high fashion.
“Gasmasks plucks the strings of the satirically subversive; prodding the basest motivators
in all of us, and artfully allowing us to simultaneously feel both disgust and material yearning.”
He shows us things we don’t want to want, but we do.

To date, Diddo’s conceptual art projects have appeared in many publications around the world,
such as Wired, Financial Times, Vogue, Suddeutsche Zeitung, Interni, El Pais, Juxtapoz and Playboy.
Along the way, he has aroused the curiosity of creators and tastemakers, receiving requests

from the likes of Sasha Baron Cohen, Kanye West and Lady Gaga.