Fernando Chamerelli
on view from 5 July - 25 August 2018

opening night:
Thursday 5 July (18.00 - 21.00)

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Fernando Chamarelli - 'Vinte Tribos Solares'

Fernando Chamarelli -  '  Força Criativa'

Fernando Chamarelli - 'Força Criativa'

Fernando Chamarelli is a visual artist and illustrator, with a degree in graphic design. After testing several techniques, and trying different types of art, he further developed his own visual signature.

Currently, the work created by the Brazilian artist is based on Quantum Physics, String Theory and The Multiverse.

And in his creations the artist uses elements of different cultures. Civilizations from the past, present and future exist simultaneously. As characters full of colour that inhabit the micro and macro cosmos.

Despite all the rationality and precision of Physics, the observer travels in a surreal world created by intuition and creativity.

Chamarelli tries to use a universal language to communicate, through sacred geometry and various symbols. Transmitting the message that everything is connected, and that in order to evolve we must perceive our connection with other human beings, animals, nature, and the cosmos.

KALLENBACH GALLERY - CHAMARELLI - Observação Das Forças Da Natureza.jpg

Fernando Chamarelli

'Observação Das Forças Da Natureza'

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