Gallery I  -  June 27 - July 29

(1981, UK) Shifting and sliding between layers of lucid, illusionary mindscapes and dream worlds, apparitions of characters emerge. Embodiments, or manifestations of my own meditative thoughts and feelings. They often appear entangled within cyclical games and conflict, losing their way, or engulfed amidst the swirling clouds of a larger restless energy. Separately they highlight the multiplicity of a fragmented consciousness, altogether they become essential pieces of a bigger story. Striving to discover who is in control of this inner world where ideas are conceived, decisions are weighed up, and choices are made. Ultimately seeking the source of creation and the universal energy binding it all together.

 Gallery II  -  June 27 - July 29

Willehad Eilers / WayneHorse (Germany, 1981) lives and works in Amsterdam. He graduated from the royal academy of arts in amsterdam. In his work, which ranges from video to drawing and performance, Horse experiments with different ways of exploring storytelling, the aim being to provoke the story to tell itself. Eilers deals with modern day society, focusing on the absurdities and oddness of day to day life and routines. Though at times described as a 'mocking comment', his work does also carry a feeling of compassion and romance. We are all in the same boat, we are all in this together.  A sense of adventure is a key element to his work. An idea is approached through many different media, twisted around untill the right vessel is found.The work turns into a travel and things encountered on the way fall into place. The result is merely a moment in which to step back and look. a good work moves on and creates new challenges.