Maعrad: an inclusive platform for global artistic professionals

Salwa Foundation, Selwyn Senatori and 5&33 Gallery at the art'otel amsterdam have joined forces to organise a 30-day art event for international artists, newcomers currently living in Europe.  

Throughout the month of June/July, artists will be provided with a means to create a new portfolio. A means to consolidate their status as an artist under unfamiliar circumstances and establish themselves locally: an opportunity to embrace fresh perspectives for all involved. 

The event consists of multiple workshops as well as support from famous (Dutch) artists like Selwyn Senatori, culminating into a group exhibition where artworks will be for sale.

A carefully handpicked selection of fifteen professional artists will be invited to exhibit at 5&33 Gallery for 2 weeks, from June 27 until July 12. Among them are Fadi al-Hamwi, Sulafa Hijazi and Yara Said.

“I’m very impressed by the high quality of work! It doesn’t get more contemporary than this” – Selwyn Senatori

In a departure from the norm, 5&33 Gallery will donate their share of the commission to Movement on the Ground, a foundation responding to the humanitarian crisis that has forced people to abandon their homes.

This event intends to provide an inclusive platform for the participants and for their work. Giving them greater exposure as professional working artists, accommodating them on their individual creative journey.

5&33 Gallery is a unique space for contemporary artists to showcase their work. From colourful pop to edgy street art, from documentaries to portraits, this public space thrives on diversity in modern art and is open 365 days per year.

Salwa Foundation, a non-profit organization initiated by Yara Said, is a platform for artists, designers and creative thinkers who want to study or work in the Netherlands and are looking for support in finding their way and building their network. Salwa offers practical insight into other professionals’ creative career paths and guidance in creating or reconstructing a professional portfolio. 

Movement on the Ground is an organisation dealing with the on-going refugee crisis. Working in a very direct and focused manner they are challenging stereotypes and breaking down barriers. As an organisation that relies solely on donations, events such as these are of vital importance.

Selwyn Senatori, born in Italy but based in Amsterdam. A popular Dutch Neo-pop Artist, whose distinctive artworks are inspired by la dolce vita. Generating instant happiness by blending his heritage with his current life: good food and wine, music, expensive cars and exclusive parties. A hedonist on the surface, covering deeper layers if you dare to look closer.