artist: Stefan Glerum
project: designing two 60ft tall stained glass windows for an YMERE housing project
client: YMERE / Heren5 Architects

Stefan Glerum recently completed the design of two giant stained glass windows for an impressive development project by Ymere. This housing project at the Polderweg in Amsterdam, designed by Heren5 Architects, features two 18 meter (60 feet) high stained glass windows depicting the history of this eastern part of Amsterdam in Stefan's distinctive style. The facade and the rear of the building will consist of a total of 106 separate glass panels, which will be crafted by specialists Stained Glass Studio Schmit in Haarlem.
This project was made possible by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.

(addtional photography by Luuk Kramer and Niels Gerson Lohman)